Sierra Tahoe Wood Products -  "Heating Your Home For Less!"
 We love the Oregon log. Burns very hot and very clean. I mean  little to no ash. We will would never go back to wood again. It does everything as advertized and more. Great product and Mike is great to work with.
Rich Hood
Round Hill, Nevada
I have switched from messy wood to the Idaho log as per Mike's recommendation for the type of wood stove I have. This was two years ago. I have yet to clean the ash from my stove. Now Mike recommends the Washington log for night time. I put two Washington logs on the Idaho coals at 8 PM. I got up at 7 AM and the two Washington logs were still going and my house was 72 degrees. Unbelievable!
Larry Watkins
Stagecoach, Nevada
bought a 6pk. from Lira's Market and tried them.I did the small pieces like you said and learned that the 1/2 logs is a better way to to get it to work,like you suggested. Our temp in the living room in our house was 75 when I went to bed around 10:30 pm. The furnace didn't come on at all that night,and the temp was 68 when I got up at 6 am and there were some small coals left. I only used 5 of the 6 logs in your trail pack that night. I am very impressed with your product. I will talk to all my friends about them and spread the word. After trying it, I am impressed with it meeting all the things your ad on the Internet says it can do.
Don (the cowboy) Blanchard
Gardnerville, NV
"Tim and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the product. It's very easy for us to store,takes very little room, and you can make as big a fire as you want. We were so tired of buying cords of wood with no where to store it.It's also clean. No bugs,no mess.Thank you for all your help and the service you provide".
Peggy Coones
Incline Village, NV
"Very neat, very clean. Your firelogs burn hot for a long time. It does everything you said it would and more. Easy for my wife to use too. Excellent product and value."
Steve Plessas
South Lake Tahoe, CA
"I burn Idaho logs because I have a older bigger stove. It's so efficient. We literally
heat our entire home with these logs all winter."
Tom & Donna Chiappa
South Lake Tahoe, CA