Sierra Tahoe Wood Products -  "Heating Your Home For Less!"
Frequently Asked Questions
Q.How do the logs compare to firewood?
    A.They burn longer, hotter and cleaner.
    Q.Why do they burn better?
    A.Lower moisture content provides more efficient heat.
    Q.How much cleaner are they than firewood?
    A.There is up to 90% less particulate emissions.
    Q.How do they compare with match light logs?
    A.100% wood. No additives or binders, cleaner burning.
    Q.What kind of stove can you burn them in?
    A,Any wood stove, fireplace insert, open fireplace, open campfire and cook stoves.
    Q.How do you get them started?
    A,Use fire starters or kindling wood or you can split a log into wafers.
    Q.How many logs should you use at one time?
    A.We recommend no more than two logs at once.
    Q.Are they safe for catalytic stoves?
    A.Yes, they perform well in any stove.
    Q.How do you store the logs?
    A.They need to be stored in a dry place where there is no outside moisture.
    Q.Do they cause creosote build-up?
    A.Very little, 50% or less than firewood. 
    Q.Are they something new on the market?
    A.No, the process has been around for 70 years. These are a high tech version of the old pressed wood logs.